Ph.D. Theses in Mathematical Sciences


Pat Carney
Advisor: Alexander Borisov
Dissertation: Application of the Theory of Farey Fractions to the Combinatorics of Some Compactifications of the Affine Plane

Nicholas Lacasse
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Signed Graphs & Gain Graphs:Packing, Root Systems,Alcoves & Arrangements


Olakunle Abawonse
Advisor: Laura Anderson
Dissertation: On the topology of flags of oriented matroids & spaces of flattenings of spheres

Ulysses Alvarez
Advisors: Laura Anderson, Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: On the topolgy of corank 1 tropical phased matroids

Joshua Carey
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Branching rule decomposition of the level-1 $E_8^{(1)}$-module with respect to the irregular subalgebra $F_4^{(1)} \oplus G_2^{(1)}$

Mengyu Chen
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: An Empirical Likelihood Approach with Bivariate Data

Zachary Costanzo
Advisor: Hung Tong-Viet
Dissertation: Fields of values of characters of finite groups

Jonathan Doane
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: Boolean twice monoids

Christopher Eppolito
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Matroids: Mystic Monoliths, Meta Missiles, and Myopic Meadows

Shaofei Zhao
Advisor: Guifang Fu
Dissertation: Theory and application about variable selection approaches for high dimensional genomic data


Kexuan Li
Advisor: Aleksey Polunchenko
Dissertation: On the Characteristics of the Generalized Shiryaev-Roberts Procedure for Quickest Change-Point Detection in Continuous Time

Wangshu Tu
Advisor: Sanjeena Dang
Dissertation: Model-based clustering approaches for microbiome data


Yinsong Chen
Advisor: Vladislav Kargin
Dissertation: Counting and Sampling Ribbon Tilings of Rectangles

Charles (Matt) Evans
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: Spectral Properties of Commutative BCK-Algebras

Yuan Fang
Advisor: Sanjeena Dang
Dissertation: Model-based Clustering Approaches For Non-Gaussian Data

Amelia Mattern
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Deficiency in Signed Graphs

Haomiao Meng
Advisor: Xingye Qiao
Dissertation: Machine Learning Methods on Selected Topics of Precision Medicine

Theodore Ofner
Advisor: Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: Warped Product Constructions Relating to Graphs of Groups


Kyle Bayes
Advisor: Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: Index Theorem for Closed Geodesics

Joseph Cyr
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: Subdirectly Irreducible Binary Modes

Chen Liang
Advisor: Xingye Qiao
Dissertation: Goodness-of-fit Tests for Spatial Cluster Point Process Models

Kunal Sharma
Advisor: Paul Loya
Dissertation: Adiabatic Limit of Calderon Projector on Manifold with Cylindrical End

Wenbo Wang
Advisor: Xingye Qiao
Dissertation: Set-Valued Classification Via Confidence Set Learning

Lin Yao
Advisors: Xingye Qiao, Ganggang Xu
Dissertation: James-Stein-Type Optimal Weight Choice for Frequentist Model Average Estimator

Changwei Zhou
Advisor: Alexander Borisov
Dissertation: Some Results on Arakelov Theory of Arithmetic Surfaces


Richard Behr
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Edge Coloring and Special Edges of Signed Graphs

Eran Crockett
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: On a Class of Nilpotent Algebras

Junyi Dong
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Marginal Distribution Method for Checking Regression Model Assumption

Xiaojie Du
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Inference in Linear Regression with Symmetric Errors: An Empirical Likelihood Approach

Binbin Huang
Advisor: Paul Loya
Dissertation: On a Pseudodifferential Calculus with Modest Boundary Condition

Ruiqi Liu
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Identification and estimation in panel models with over specified number of groups

Rachel Skipper
Advisor: Marcin Mazur
Dissertation: On a generalization of the Hanoi towers group

Ting Su
Advisor: Laura Anderson
Dissertation: Extensions of Matroids Over Tracts and Doubly Distributive Partial Hyperfields

Adam Weisblatt
Advisor: Paul Loya
Dissertation: Geometric techniques for Laplace and Dirac Operators


Jeremy Hauze
Advisor: Matthew G. Brin
Dissertation: Restrictions on potential automatic structures on Thompson's group F

Simon Joyce
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Interaction Graphs Derived From Activation Functions and Their Application to Gene Regulation

Andrew Kelley
Advisor: Marcin Mazur
Dissertation: Maximal subgroup growth of some groups

Alexander Schaefer
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Permutable Matchings and Negative Cycle Vectors

Amanda Taylor
Advisor: Matthew G. Brin
Dissertation: Locally solvable subgroups of PLo(I)


Nan Bi
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Empirical Likelihood for a Class of Semiparametric Regression Models

Mauricio Bustamante
Advisors: Thomas Farrell, Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: On the topology of the space of pinched negatively curved metrics with finite volume and identical ends

Qinggang Diao
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Cox Proportional Hazards Model with Time-Dependent Covariates

Diego Penta
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Decomposition of the Rank 3 Kac-Moody Lie Algebra F with Respect to the Rank 2 Hyperbolic Subalgebra Fib

Yilin Zhu
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Estimation of the Error Distribution in a Varying Coefficient Regression Model


Ding Ding
Advisor: Adrian Vasiu
Dissertation: Canonical Barsotti - Tate Groups of Level m

Wenyu Du
Advisor: Aleksey Polunchenko
Dissertation: Accurate and efficient numerical performance evaluation of the Generalized Shiryaev-Roberts procedure for quickest change-point detection.

Jinghao Li
Advisor: Adrian Vasiu
Dissertation: Purity Results on F-crystals

Qiyi Lu
Advisor: Xingye Qiao
Dissertation: Learning Partially Labeled Data in the High-dimensional, Low-sample Size Setting

Gangotryi Sorcar
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Non Triviality of the Fundamental Group of the Teichmuler Space of Negatively Curved Metrics of a Non-Locally Symmetric Negatively Curved Manifold


Ryan McCulloch
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: The Chermak-Delgado Lattice of Finite Groups

Slobodan Tanusevski
Advisor: Marcin Mazur
Dissertation: Generalized Thompson Groups

Xiaolei Wu
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Farrell-Jones Conjecture for the Solvable Baumslag-Solitar Groups


Jackie Kaminski
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Classification of Factored Gain-Graphic Hyperplane Arrangements

Christopher Mauriello
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Branching Rule Decomposition of Irreducible Level-1 E6(1)-modules with respect to F4(1)

Barry Minemyer
Advisor: Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: Isometric Embeddings of Polyhedra

Amanda Ruiz
Advisor: Laura Anderson
Dissertation: Realization Spaces of Phased Matroids

Yifan Xu
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: On First Crossing Times of Mixed Compound Poisson Processes Under Various Boundary Conditions with Applications in Queuing and Risk Theories

Can Zhang
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Two-Stage and Sequential Procedures for the Behrens-Fisher Problem


Adriano DeOliveira
Advisor: Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: A Geometric Version of the Twisted Nil-Groups

Dina Haner
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: On Two-Stage and Three-Stage Sampling Procedures for Fixed-Width Interval Estimation of the Common Variance of Correlated Normal Random Variables

Martha Kilpack
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: The Lattice of Closure Operators and the Algebraic Lattice of Algebraic Closure Operators

Jiahui Li
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Nonparametric Estimation with Right-Censored and Masked Competing Risks Data

Quincy Loney
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Decomposition of Level-1 Representations of D4(1) With Respect to its Subalgebra G2(1) in the Spinor Construction

Nathan Reff
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Gain Graphs, Group-Oriented Hypergraphs, and Matrices

Cristina Salviano
Advisor: Pedro Ontaneda
Dissertation: The Index Space of a Geodesic


Yu-Ting Hsu
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Statistical Analysis of Firm Interdependence Using Duration Data

Dandrielle Lewis
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: Containment of subgroups in a direct product of groups

Xiao Xiao
Advisor: Adrian Vasiu
Dissertation: Invariants of F-crystals


Keith Jones
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Controlled Connectivity for Cocompact Isometric Actions on Simplicial Trees

Gina Kucinski
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: Duality for the Algebra of Conditional Logic

Lucas Rusnak
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Oriented Hypergraphs

Viji Thomas
Advisors: Fernando Guzman, Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: The Box-Tensor Product: A Generlization of the Nonabelian Tensor Product

Elizabeth Wilcox
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: Complete Finite Frobenius Groups and Wreath Products

Peng Zhang
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Prediction in heteroskedastic autoregressive models


Ilir Snopce
Advisor: Marcin Mazur
Dissertation: Lie Methods on Pro-p Groups

Jiaping Wang
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: The Generalized MLE with the Censored and Masked Competing Risks Data


Leandro Junes
Advisor: Laura Anderson
Dissertation: Duality of Higher Order Non-Euclidean Property for Oriented Matroids

Seshendra Pallekonda
Advisor: Erik Kjr Pedersen
Dissertation: Bounded Category of an Exact Category

Peggy Sullivan
Advisor: Dennis Pixton
Dissertation: DNA Computing with Cutting, Pasting, Filtering and Washing

Nigar Tuncer
Advisor: Patricia McAuley
Dissertation: Globalization Theorems in Topology

Bronlyn Wassink
Advisor: Matthew G. Brin
Dissertation: Subgroups of R. Thompson's Group F that are Isomorphic to F


Risto Atanasov
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Groups of Geometric Dimension 2

Cuixian Chen
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Asymptotic Properties of the Buckley-James Estimator for a Bivariate Interval Censorship Regression Model

Jichang Du
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Covariate-matched estimator of the error variance in nonparametric regression

Tom Klein
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Filtered ends of pairs of groups

John Loftus
Advisor: Tom Head
Dissertation: Powers of Words in Language Families

Gabriela Mendoza
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On some minimality conditions involving elements of prime order in a group G


Olga Salazar-Diaz
Advisor: Matthew G. Brin
Dissertation: Thompson's Group V From A Dynamical Viewpoint

Joseph Smith
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: Groups whose normalizers form a chain

Yishi Wang
Advisor: Miguel Arcones
Dissertation: Some New Tests for Normality


Rigoberto Florez
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Four Studies in the Geometry of Biased Graphs

Fanhui Kong
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Asymptotic Distributions of Buckley-James Estimator

Joshua Palmatier
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: M-Zeroids: Structure and Categorical Equivalences


Marlo Brown
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Detection of Change-Points in Categorical Data

Lori Koban
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Two Generalizations of Biased Graph Theory: Circuit Signatures and Modular Triples of Matroids, and Biased Expansions of Biased Graphs

Nicholas Koban
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Controlled Topology Invariants of Translation Actions

Omar Saldarriaga
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Fusion Algebras, Symmetric Polynomials, Orbits of Elementary N-Groups, and Rank-Level Duality

Ron Sperber
Advisor: Erik Kjr Pedersen
Dissertation: A Comparison of Assembly Maps in Algebraic K-Theory


John Donnelly
Advisor: Matthew G. Brin
Dissertation: Properties of Richard Thompson's group F related to amenability

Ivonne Ortiz
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: The Lower Algebraic K-theory of Gamma_3

Joe Petrillo
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: The Cover-Avoidance Property in Finite Groups

Xueqin Wang
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: The Properties of the Theil-Sen Estimator


Dan Clouse
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: A Dual Representation of Boolean Semirings In a Category of Structured Topological Spaces

Gary Greenfield
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Variance Estimation After Using the Chow-Robbins Stopping Rule to Determine a Fixed Width Confidence Interval For the Mean of a Normal DistributionFall

Matthew Haner
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Random Designs in Factorial Experiments For Estimation And Searching

David H. Rosenthal
Advisor: Erik Kjr Pedersen
Dissertation: Splitting With Continuous Control In Algebraic K-Theory

Steven Tedford
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: A Characterization of the Mixed Branching Greedoid


John Best
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: On 3/2-Transitive Groups

Jeffrey Forrester
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Efficient Estimation of the Regression Parameter in a Heteroscedastic Regression Model Where Heteroscedasticity is Modeled as a function of the mean response

Daniel Ghezzi
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Estimation of and confidence intervals for the common variance of correlated normal random variables

William Hooper
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Efficient Estimation of Transformation Parameters in Nonparametric Regression

Fred Kluempen
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On the power structure of finite p-groups

Hanxiang Peng
Advisor: Anton Schick
Dissertation: Efficient Estimation of Linear Functionals of a Bivariate Probability with Equal Marginals

Dirk Schuetz
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Torsion properties of the Novikov complex


Sergio Ardanza-Trevijano
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Exotic Smooth Structures on Non-Locally Symetric Negatively Curved Manifolds

Joseph Evan
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: Permutability in Direct Products of Finite Groups

Daniel Farley
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Finiteness and CAT(0) Properties of Diagram Groups

Daniel Slilaty
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Orientations of Biased Graphs and Their Matroids

Joanna Su
Advisor: Peter Hilton
Dissertation: Homotopy Theory of Modules

Zoran Sunik
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: On a Class of Periodic Spinal Groups of Intermediate Growth

Shaohua Yu
Advisor: Qiqing Yu
Dissertation: Consistency of GMLE with Multivariate Mixed IC Data


James Beuerle
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Metacyclic Groups and their Nonabelian Tensor Squares

Elizabeth Laun
Advisors: Tom Head, Dennis Pixton
Dissertation: Constants and Splicing Systems


Steve Pagano
Advisor: Thomas Zaslavsky
Dissertation: Separability and Representability of Bias Matroids of Signed Graphs

Denise Reboli
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On Generalized Hamiltonian Groups

Ranja Roy
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Integrality Questions for Virtual Signature

Norhaniza Sarmin
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On Two-Generator Groups of Nilpotency Class Two and their Nonabelian Tensor Squares

Matthew Visscher
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On the Nonabelian Tensor Product of Groups

Arthur Weinberger
Advisor: Tom Head
Dissertation: Reducing Fuzzy Algebra to Classical Algebra

Qinhai Zhang
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: On Abnormal Subgroups of Finite Groups


Manuel Cardenas
Advisor: Erik Kjr Pedersen
Dissertation: Localization For Exact Categories

Elizabeth Gumustop
Advisor: Fernando Guzman
Dissertation: Varieties of Codes and Codifiable Varieties of Monoids

Thomas Kimber
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: System Permutability in Finite Solvable Groups

Karl Lorensen
Advisor: Peter Hilton
Dissertation: Local-Global Principles for Nilpotent Group Extensions

Douglas Mennella
Advisor: Erik Kjr Pedersen
Dissertation: A Comparison of Steenrod Homology Theories

Tom Plavchak
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: A Polyhedral Transversality Theorem For One-Parameter Fixed Point Theory

Patrick Ratchford
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: On Centralizer-like Subgroups

Shashidhar Upadhyay
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Bounding Questions for Almost Flat Manifolds

Xiaodong Wang
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Contribution to Dynamical Systems


Francisco Fernandez-Lasheras
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Fake surfaces, thickenings and cohomology of groups


James Babb
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Estimating Change Points in Linear and Non-Linear Time Series

Victor Brunsden
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Cohomology, Local Rigidity, and Fixed Points

Matthew Fisher
Advisor: Wolfgang Kappe
Dissertation: Two-groups with a Self-centralizing element

David Garrison
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Subnormality Conditions in Metabelian Groups

David Harris
Advisor: Dennis Pixton
Dissertation: The Mapping Class Group of a Rotation Domain

Mile Krajcevski
Advisors: Ross Geoghegan, Craig Squier
Dissertation: Tilings of the plane, and hyperbolic groups.

Elizabeth Lamprecht
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: A Bernoulli One-Armed Bandit Problem Involving a Changepoint

Gary Raduns
Advisor: Radu Zaharopol
Dissertation: Erogodic Decompositions and Sweeping in Riesz Spaces


Boris Okun
Advisor: Thomas Farrell
Dissertation: Non-zero degree tangential maps between dual symmetric spaces

Mike Weiner
Advisor: Alex Feingold
Dissertation: Bosonic Construction of Vertex Operator Para-Algebras from Symplectic Affine Kac-Moody Algebras


Marc Brodie
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Finite Coverings by Subgroups

John Harrison
Advisor: Tom Head
Dissertation: The Dynamics of Piecewise Endomorphisms of Finitely Generated Free Monoids

Natasa Jonoska
Advisor: Tom Head
Dissertation: Synchronizing Representations of Sofic Subshifts

Jeffrey Scott Reitz
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: An Approximation to the Bayes Estimate of a Time-Varying Parameter Vector


Michael Bacon
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: The Nonabelian Tensor Square and Powers of a Group

Gang Li
Advisor: David Hanson
Dissertation: Almost Sure Convergence of Stochastic Approximation Procedures

Heather Ries
Advisor: Peter Hilton
Dissertation: Torsionfree Abelian Groups Which Are Almost Finitely-Generated

Christopher Schuck
Advisor: Peter Hilton
Dissertation: Some Contributions to the Study of Nilpotent Groups

Leonard VanWyk
Advisor: Craig Squier
Dissertation: Graph Groups are Biautomatic


Theresa Engel
Advisor: Steve Ferry
Dissertation: Deformation and Rigidity Along Paths of Manifolds

Robert R. Militello
Advisor: Peter Hilton
Dissertation: On the Cayley-Hamilton Property in Groups


Robert F. Morse
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Levi Properties in Groups

George F. Yeh
Advisor: Benjamin Brewster
Dissertation: Subclasses of M-Groups


Randall Holmes
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Systems of Combinatory Logic Related to Quine's "New Foundations"


Marian Baumler
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: Dose Escalation Themes for Phase I Clinical Trials for Discrete Observations

Benzion Boukai
Advisor: Shelemyahu Zacks
Dissertation: On the Change-Point Problem and Related Topics

Jeff Norden
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Homeomorphisms Between Pixley-Roy Spaces

Norman Spier
Advisor: V. Susarla
Dissertation: Some Large Sample Linear and General Regression Results Under Variable Censoring


Robert Chamberlain
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Groups With Certain Finite Homomorphic Images Cyclic

John Kulesza
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Dimension Theory of non-separable metric spaces

Andrea Nadel
Advisor: V. Susarla
Dissertation: Weighted Least Squares Regression with Censored Data

Daniel Normolle
Advisor: Eugene Klimko
Dissertation: Comparing the Performance of Classification Methods


Robert Johnson
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Uniform Inverse Set Convergence and Inverse Limits

Michael Kelly
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Minimizing the Number of Fixed Points for Self-Maps of Compact Surfaces

Russ Miller
Advisor: Quentin Stout
Dissertation: Pyramid Computer Algorithms

Abraham Wender
Advisor: David Hanson
Dissertation: Types of Equilibria for Non-Deterministic Economies


L. Brian Lawrence
Advisor: Prabir Roy
Dissertation: General Product Spaces


Donco Dimovski
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Non-Simply Connected Casson Handles

Seyedkazem Mahdavianary
Advisor: Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Dissertation: Groups with many subgroups two-subnormal

Ronald Menton
Advisor: John Orban
Dissertation: A Population Model for Linear Calibration


John Kavanagh
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Extensions of Homeomorphisms and Generalizations


Richard Barshinger
Advisor: James Geer
Dissertation: Uniform Asymsptotic Expansions for Solutions to Electrostatic, Ideal Flow, and Stokes Flow Problems Exterior to Thin Oblate Body of Revolution

Deborah Brigham
Advisor: Eugene Klimko
Dissertation: Discrete Discriminant Analysis Using Log-Linear Models

Timothy Masters
Advisor: Eugene Klimko
Dissertation: Automated Classification of Aerial Photographs

David Mauro
Advisor: Eugene Klimko
Dissertation: Consistency of Kaplan Meier Least Squares Estimators

Gary O'Brien
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: The Missing Boundary Problem for Smooth Manifolds of Dimension Greater Than or Equal to Six

Gene Sprechini
Advisor: Eugene Klimko
Dissertation: Testing for Robustness of Certain F-Tests in the General Linear Model


Alan Coppola
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: On p-Adic Transformation Groups

Ralph Russo
Advisor: David Hanson
Dissertation: A Stochastic Approximation Procedure


William Cody
Advisor: Wolfgang Kappe
Dissertation: On the Structure of the Hughes Subgroup

Michael Mihalik
Advisor: Ross Geoghegan
Dissertation: Ends of Fundamental Groups in Shape and Proper Homotopy


Gerald Jungck
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Local Homeomorphisms


Steve Dibner
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Heegaard Splittings for an Infinite Family of Closed Orientable Three-Manifolds

Hari Mukerjee
Advisor: David Hanson
Dissertation: Stochastic Approximations Using Isotonic Regression

Patricia Woodworth
Advisor: David Klarner
Dissertation: An Analytic Approach to Problems Connected with Plane Tree Enumeration


Diane Schmidt
Advisor: Dick Wick Hall
Dissertation: The Bing Sphere Characterization and Applications of Brick Partitionings


Ronald Fintushel
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Orbit Maps of Local S1-Actions on Manifolds of Dimension Less Than Five

Richard Gustafson
Advisor: Prabir Roy
Dissertation: Construction Algorithms for Knot Spaces Which Contain Incompressible Surfaces of Arbitrarily High Genus

Eric Robinson
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Characterizations and Properties of Some Light-Open Mappings


Michael Boyd
Advisor: William Transue
Dissertation: Properties of Ultraproduct Spaces

John Walsh
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Monotone, Monotone Open, and Light Open Mappings of Manifolds


John Ying
Advisor: Wolfgang Kappe
Dissertation: Relations Between Subgroups and Quotient Groups of Finite Groups


Carl Pixley
Advisor: Prabir Roy
Dissertation: Selection Theory for Infinite Dimensional Spaces and Continuous Single-Valued Approximations to Upper Semi-Continuous Multivalued Mappings

Robert Reed
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Foundations of Vietoris Homology Theory with Applications to Non-Compact Spaces


John Baildon
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Open Maps and Maps Onto Two-Manifolds

Myra Reed
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Decomposition Spaces and Separation Properties

Edythe Woodruff
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Concerning the Condition that a Disk in E3/G be the Image of a Disk in E3


William Haver
Advisor: Louis F. McAuley
Dissertation: Cellular Mappings on Manifolds